About Us

Pure Jesus - Breaking Down The Barriers

It is well documented that younger Americans are avoiding traditional churches and religious denominations. Pure Jesus looks to reach everyone, wherever they are and no matter what the reasons this separation. We do this with the true Gospel of Jesus Christ. We use His own words to teach the Gospel and let God do the rest.

Our Story

God gives up on nobody. Neither do we.

The leadership of Pure Jesus Ministries is deeply committed to reaching everyone who seeks and has a question about Jesus. Many feel lost, hurt or confused about how "religion" plays out today. Knowing that, we are committed to break many of the barriers separating anyone from hearing and experiencing the living Christ. We are a non-profit 501(c)3 corporation whose sole purpose is to share the Gospel message to a broken world. To do this we use the most advanced technology and loving support to guide anyone toward the real Jesus.

WE REACH YOU WHERE YOU ARE, NOT WHERE WE THINK YOU SHOULD BE. Pure Jesus is a "judgement free zone."

Your questions are serious and so are we in getting them answered during our 7 weekly sessions which happen over 7 weeks of exploration. Wherever you are on your walk, we are there to support you with loving guidance. By going through the Gospel of Mark together, we let Jesus tell His own story. We add relevant video and materials but it is truly an encounter between you and the living Christ. There is absolutely no cost to you. You will receive a Bible and Explorer's Handbook to begin.

Barriers Are Broken at Pure Jesus - Technology Steps Up

Traditional "religion" does not fit many today. That does not mean there is a lack of interest or spirituality. It only means that the traditional ways our parents met Christ are not necessarily helpful for everyone. We first let you explore in the comfort your home, apartment, workplace or school, without ever walking into a church. You get to use your laptop, tablet or phone, with no downloads, to access your sessions and ask your questions. You only use your browser.

We Are Family and we step forward for you in the love of Jesus Christ.

We may not meet personally but we are still family. Our technology focus allows for a community to work along side each other as we walk through the toughest questions of life. We support each other, guide and open our hearts and minds to a better understanding of our faith walk. Those who lead sessions do so with a servant heart, just like Jesus. You will not be embarrassed by what you say or think. Our only request is that you come with an open mind and open heart.